Jan 7

First Lab meeting and Lab dinner at University town :)

Jan 6

"Single-chain models illustrate the 3D RNA folding shape during translation" - Our new preprint is out!! Please take a look!!
Twitter: @Tatsuhisa_T

Guo et al. modeled the three-dimensional RNA folding shape based on single-chain models. This simulation method is able to recapitulate the mRNA conformation change of the translation activity and three-dimensional positional interaction between organelle and its localized mRNAs.

With our three undergraduates as the first authors, we finished up this project throughout the Covid-19 situation. Good job Tianze, Olivia, and Jillian!! Thank you very much for all your help Zid lab!!
@ZidLab @UCSDChemBiochem

Dec 10

Demo Spinning Disk Confocal Sora-W1 4-lasers, prime95-22mm, with Lens Piezo.

Special thanks to Mr. FuBin and Nikon-China.

Dec 6-10

Tatsu will have a poster presentation at the Cell Bio Virtual 2021 - An Online ASCB|EMBO Meeting

Dec 2

Tatsu will have a presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan for the first time in 8 years.

Nov 16

Tatsu had a presentation at the Cold Spring Harbor Meeting Asia "Mitochondria and Metabolism in Health and Disease" 11/15-11/19

Nov 10

Tatsu's article in the RNA Society of Japan is now online. You can find pictures during his postdoctoral period.

Oct 25

Student intern, Ali joined the Tsuboi lab. Looking forward to seeing your great techniques in Computer Science!

Oct 19

Tatsu had a lecture at Peking-Shenzhen! Next-door but still a great place to visit. See you again soon!

Oct 18

Research assistant, Xing joined the Tsuboi lab.

Sep 29

Tatsu presented at Tsinghua-SIGS iBHE faculty meeting

Sep 10

First teacher's day in China.

Sep 5

Two master students, Yunwei and Jinyi, joined the Tsuboi lab.

Sep 2

Tsuboi Lab in Tsinghua-Shenzhen started!