Tatsuhisa Tsuboi Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (tenure-track)

I am exploring single cell and single-molecule analysis of mitochondrial mRNA localization during stress conditions in yeast with techniques of microscopic analysis, microfluidics, and biochemistry. I grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and obtained my Ph.D. from Tohoku University in 2014. During my Ph.D., I worked on mRNA quality control systems under the supervision of Dr. Toshifumi Inada. I spend my postdoc period with Dr. Susanne Rafelski at the University of California Irvine and Dr. Brian Zid at the University of California San Diego, where I worked on mitochondrial mRNA regulatory mechanisms. I love yeast in many ways ;)

Yunwei Luo B.S.

Student Researcher (Master Student)

I have been interested in biology and chemistry since junior high school and now I want to explore the mysteries about cells. I grew up in Mianyang city, China and got a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University. COVID-19 makes me determined to devote myself to biomedicine. I love animals and insects. Life is so magical and wonderful.

Jinyi Zhao B.S.

Student Researcher (Master Student)

I was born and raised in Shanxi, China. I graduated from Dlian University of Technology with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. During my undergraduate period, I have learned principles of chemical engineering, physical chemistry and etc. I once participated in the national chemical design competition for college students and won the first prize. After that, Out of love and curiosity about biology, I'm excited to start the next stage of the research.

Xing Quan M.S.

Research Assistant

I did my undergraduate study in Nanjing University. I got my Master degree in University of California San Diego in Professor Tatiana Mishanina's group. I am interested in biochemistry and structural biology, including exploring the structure-function relation and rational drug design.

Ali Alfatemi B.S.

Student intern

I have been studying at the South China University of Technology, computer science, master, in the bioinformatics and machine learning area, selectively in molecular cancer by integrating multi-omics data under supervisor Prof. Cai Hongmin and I have learned a lot about the research from him. I am interested in using machine learning in biology because machine learning has demonstrated potential in analyzing large, complex biological data.

Yifei Yang M.S.

Lab Manager/Statistician

I was raised in Nanjing, China. I have a bachelor's degree in Biological Science in UCI, and master's degree in Biostatistics in USC. For my master thesis, I used R and SAS to perform data selection and purification, and then implemented Cox proportional hazard models and logistic regression models by characterizing patient- and facility-level factors to explain the disparities in cancer mortality using the California Cancer Registry Data. I am also very familiar with many statistical tools such as machine learning and multi-level analysis

Bonobo P.S.D.

Lab Mascot

Last but not least, our lab mascot Bonobo (a certified psychiatric service dog) is responsible for creating a friendly and stress-free atmosphere for all the lab members.